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Aluminum Anodizing

aluminum anodizing of tags and platesDescription:

Aluminum Anodizing is a process that increases the hardness and durability of an aluminum surface to improve it’s overall performance in applications that require more than raw aluminum can offer. Anodizing is an electro chemical process that actually grows a hard layer of aluminum oxide both into and onto the surface of the aluminum making for an extremely durable product.

Inland Products has its own in-house aluminum anodizing capability with tanks capable of anodizing aluminum up to 24” x 120” long either with a clear or custom color of your choice. Having this capability in-house gives us a tremendous advantage in meeting our customer’s specific requirements!

What is it used for:

Anodizing aluminum increases its hardness and overall performance by making it much more resistant to corrosion, weathering and scratching. Anodizing is also the best way to add color to the surface of aluminum tags, nameplates and small signs as it will not peel or scratch off as easily as paint or other coatings.


  • Identification tags
  • Nameplates
  • Machine Data Plates
  • Non-Color Outdoor applications
  • Control Panels