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Identification Tags

TagsMetal and plastic tags label industrial assets, equipment, and inventory with clear identifiers that can’t be scraped or worn away. Metal or plastic tags permanently identify different components with engraved, stamped, or embossed information.

Inland Products specializes in plastic and metal tags for industrial identification. Long-lasting materials such as anodized aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and plastics create tags that keep equipment and inventory clearly labeled, compliant with regulations, and organized.

Custom Tags for Any Application

Every industry needs clearly labeled inventory and assets. Industrial equipment often has to be labeled with its manufacturing date, specifications, and pressure or temperature allowances. Warehousing systems rely on permanent, long-lasting tags that identify aisles and columns. Vehicles and machinery may also need metal labels that display serial numbers and unique identifiers.

Industries that commonly use these tags include:


Plastic and metal tags can permanently label construction equipment to track assets. The tags may also provide critical safety warnings and machinery specifications. Construction equipment often faces extreme conditions and lots of wear and tear, so labeling this equipment requires durable tags.


Aerospace equipment and parts need to be compliant with safety and industry regulations. Their labels and tags need to be made from metals that can withstand extreme temperatures, chemical damage, and UV radiation. Engraved aluminum tags are ideal for labeling parts with logos, serial numbers, and bar codes.


Agricultural equipment is often used for food processing and storage. That means the equipment needs to have food-safe tags that can withstand heat and chemical exposure. 316 and 304 stainless steel tags with laser engraved information resist corrosion and chemical damage, making them an ideal choice for display equipment specifications, logos, and inventory barcodes.


The wires in electrical systems need to have durable labels that don’t corrode or degrade. These labels often display voltage or amperage for the electrical system, identify wiring connections, and more. Wrap around tags and wire markers clearly display this crucial information with little risk of getting lost or damaged.


Hospitals, pharmaceutical processing plants, and medical warehouses need tags that won’t react to chemicals, sunlight, or radiation. Medical personnel can use tags to:

  • Label mobile equipment with safety warnings
  • Organize onsite inventory
  • Prevent theft
  • Track lead aprons and irradiated equipment

Military and Defense

Military programs need to organize and deploy materials quickly. Metal tags make inventorying and tracking materials easy with ID tags that won’t fade, tear, or fall off in harsh environments. Custom metal tags can also label dangerous equipment or weaponry with specifications and directions for use.

Oil and Gas

Fuel processing centers use equipment that needs clear labeling, including pressure or temperature thresholds. Metal tags resist chemical damage and wear and can display warnings, serial numbers, barcodes, and content descriptions.


Solar panels and batteries need to be labeled for inventory control and safety. Metal tags can withstand extreme heat, wear, and UV radiation.

Equipment Manufacturing

Equipment, machinery, and industrial containers must be labeled so operators can use them safely and correctly. Custom tags can be permanently installed onto equipment for error-proof tracking and asset management. These tags display equipment information such as model numbers, serial numbers, and manufacturing dates.

Specialists in Identification Tags

Inland Products has specialized in high-quality metal and plastic tags for over thirty years. Our facility’s tool and die cutting room ensures we can maintain excellent quality assurance standards and produce cost-effective tags.
Some of the most common applications for metal and plastic tags are:

  • Key tags
  • Locker and seating tags
  • Number tags
  • Tool tags
  • Valve tags

Each tag can have pre-drilled holes or adhesive backing for easy, fast, and secure installation. Inland Products has chains, S-hooks, split rings, wire seals, and additional hardware that lasts as long as our tags.

Order Your Metal Tags Today

In conclusion, industrial equipment, assets, and inventories need to be clearly labeled. Not only do labels display unique identifying details, but they may also carry crucial safety information, warnings, and specifications. Get metal tags that are built to last from Inland Products. Contact us today to receive a quote for your next labeling project. For a complete list of all of our Metal Tags, including pricing and online ordering you can visit