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Digital Printing

DuraPrint® Digital Printing info graphicDescription:

Our digital printing ( DuraPrint™ ) process is a revolutionary imaging system that allows us to digitally create durable, full-color or black images in the surface of anodized aluminum, subsequently sealing the image inside the metal. This process leaves the surface virtually impervious to abrasion, chemicals, moisture, humidity and salt spray.

What is it used for:

This process is used for full color printing incorporating the modern, high-quality look of real aluminum. Impervious to abrasion, chemicals, moisture, humidity and paint, this process is extremely durable and is graffiti proof! The resulting product can be cleaned with industrial strength solvents without affecting the image sealed beneath the surface!


  • Product Labels / Nameplates
  • Machine Data Plates
  • Full Color Applications
  • Barcode Applications
  • Permanent Anti-Theft Labels
  • Safety / Warning Labels