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Key Tags

Aluminum Metal Key TagInland Products manufactures and provides a wide range of tags. These include key tags that are available in an array of sizes, shapes and materials in both metal and plastic.

We offer aluminum key tags, brass key tags, stainless steel key tags, and plastic key tags. Further, we have the ability to customize your key tags to your specifications. Regardless of your specific needs, we have the tools and expertise to provide you with the best custom key tags for your business.

Benefits of Custom Key Tags For Your Business

Inland Products provides you with custom key tags in an array of colors, helping you with your branding and overall message. Colored anodized aluminum or plastic key tags not only serve you in your brand recognition, but in many other creative ways.  For example, some businesses choose to use them as reward programs for customers. Others use them as membership keys that include a barcode or QR code. These not only serve a functional purpose, but with the help of our wonderful creative team, serve as a visually pleasing marketing tool that helps you enhance your overall brand.

In addition to being a great marketing tool, key tags are often a functional necessity. You may find you need them simply to keep keys clearly marked and organized for your facility. With that said, we’re here to provide you with key tags for whatever your need. We’ll provide them either engraved by us or blank for your own engraving and stamping needs.

Free Mockups, Fast Quotes and Made in The USA!

When choosing to have your key tags engraved by us, Inland Products in-house creative team provides you with a FREE digital mockup at your request. You’ll see how your graphics and text will be laid out on the key tag shape you’ve chosen. So, you’ll know what to expect ahead of time!

Additionally, it’s important to note we offer free, fast pricing quotes, sometimes within 5 to 10 minutes on our business days.

We’ve been providing our customers with custom key tags for decades. And, all of our products are made domestically in the United States. So, if you’d like a free quote or if you’d like to learn more about how we can help you, reach out to us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Or, if you’re ready to order online, see our ecommerce site at There, you have the ability to order our in-stock items or even custom key tags made to your specifications, any time, 24/7!