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Locker Tags

Engraved Locker TagsFew things are better than going to your locker room after a tough game or going to your company’s employee room after a long day of work and seeing your name on your locker. Customized locker name plates are a great way to show your players or employees how much they’re appreciated.

Reliable Locker Plates and Tags

Inland Products offers a wide range of locker tag options, including custom locker name plates, sequential locker number tags or locker number plates. Regardless of whether you want to keep things simple and organized by just assigning numbers to lockers, or if you want to provide each member of your organization with a custom locker name plate, the experts at Inland Products are here to help.

Our company has been in business for decades. During that time, we’ve provided many metal tag solutions for our customers, including those in need of visually pleasing and durable locker plates and tags.

Please note, we offer quotes in nearly no time. In fact, we are sometimes able to get back to you within 5 to 10 minutes. What’s more, we have a creative team on staff that can provide you with a FREE digital mockup to show you how your text and graphics will appear on the tag you choose. So, you can see what your locker tags will look like before ordering!

The next time you need name plates or number tags for the lockers in your facility, turn to the trusted experts at Inland Products. For more information or for a free quote, contact us at your convenience. To shop online, visit our website,