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Engraved Metal Tags

engraved metal tagsEngraved metal tags can be surprisingly valuable to your business in many ways. When engraved tags are used, items are located faster. This results in less inventory mistakes, wasted materials, and time spent locating misplaced items. Engraved tags keep equipment, supplies, and assets clearly cataloged, improving organization and overall efficiency.

Depending on your business, engraved metal tags may help employees stay safer too. Workers can follow product labels to avoid potentially dangerous mix-ups or improper storage procedures. Otherwise, dangerous chemical reactions could occur for example.

But, for a tag to be effective, permanence and durability are essential. If labels peel off, become too worn to read, or get reapplied in the wrong place, assets are at risk of becoming stolen, lost, or misused. Engraved metal tags and labels address these concerns and offer a variety of benefits. They help you standardize your business, whether you manage an office, warehouse, industrial plant, commercial building or other organization.

Advantages of Engraved Metal Tags

It’s crucial to invest in engraved metal tags, especially for industrial environments, because they offer the following advantages:

  • Durability: Metal, especially stainless steel, is highly durable and offers excellent tensile strength. Engraving on the surface of the metal tag results in a marking that stays readable for years.
  • Cost Effectiveness: The durability and long life of engraved metal tags saves money over time, when compared to less durable and less permanent labeling methods. Although they might have a slightly higher initial cost, engraved metal tags won’t need to be replaced often. This decreases both the frequency of purchasing replacements and the labor required to replace them.
  • Suitability in Harsh Environments: Tags exposed to water, heat, salt, extreme cold, UV rays, or even just corrosive cleaning products, will incur less damage when they’re metal. Stainless steel and brass, for example, won’t melt or burn, and resists water damage.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Metal tags can endure frequent direct contact with a variety of chemicals.
  • Sanitary: Metal is easier to clean and less porous than most forms of plastic. To keep your workplace as clean as possible, use stainless steel products. They won’t stain or retain odors and are antimicrobial.

Tips for Creating and Using Engraved Metal Tags

When tagging your products or equipment, be sure to consider all the information your company could use for identification. Bar codes, SKU numbers, date of production, product name, and product description are all examples. Color coding using a colored anodized aluminum tag might also be something you could consider.

With this in mind, you’ll need to decide how you want to customize your engraved metal tags. The following are examples of what you might want to consider:

  • Text
  • Graphics
  • Tag Size
  • Type of metal
  • Metal thickness
  • Tag color
  • Marking process

How Inland Products Can Help

If you’re in the market for custom engraved metal tags, that are both durable and visually pleasing, contact us and let us show you what we at Inland Products can do for you.

We provide custom engraved metal tags for industry, including tags for labeling, as well as key tags and luggage tags. We create and engrave tags for a wide range of individual and commercial needs. In fact, we’ve provide engraved metal tags to companies in countless industries, including construction, plumbing, aerospace and electrical industries, as well as the medical, oil and gas, equipment manufacturing and military industries.

Engraved metal tags are the solution to your need for permanent identification of critical assets, inventory, and business products. We manufacture and supply these tags in anodized aluminum, brass and stainless steel, and then offer them to you as blanks or engraved to your specifications.

We employ the latest manufacturing equipment and high powered, large capacity engraving machines to mass engrave our tags for ultimate efficiency. This allows us to compete even with overseas suppliers, offering you quality products at an economical price.

Fast Quotes & Free Mockups

When you work with Inland Products, you’ll find we go above and beyond to provide you with the best customer service. For example, we provide our customers with near immediate quotes, sometimes within 5-10 minutes on normal business days. In addition, we have an in-house creative team who can provide you with FREE mockups of whatever text, numbers or graphics you wish to place on your engraved metal tags.

Inland Products has over 75 years of metal tags manufacturing and engraving experience. Our American made products are known for their high quality and longevity.

We provide you with the custom engraved metal tags that help your business stay better organized and, more importantly, help it stay safer. To learn more about the types of engraved metal tags we can fabricate for you, contact us today or visit our ecommerce website,, to order our stock tags or custom tags online.