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Blank products like metal tags, metal nameplates, plastic tags, and plastic and metal labels are utilized by companies across the globe for marketing, shipping, and equipment tracking. These blank products enable businesses to mark them with identifying information, logistics-related data, regulatory requirements, branding, and more.

At Inland Products, we manufacture best-in-class blank products to help businesses acquire the materials they need to fuel marketing campaigns, organize inventory and shipments, and more. With a variety of different blank product models made from various materials, sizes, and configurations, Inland Products can help you find the ideal solution for your next big project.

Types of Products

Inland Products rapidly delivers a variety of blank products to meet the unique and diverse needs of our customers.

Our portfolio of blank products includes:

Blank Nameplates

Used in some form in virtually every industry, blank nameplates are common in industrial settings to list critical safety instructions on equipment, categorize products, or even as placards on aerospace equipment. Nameplates come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Inland Products offers options for industrial adhesives and pre-drilled holes, allowing you to apply finished nameplates on virtually any surface.

Blank Tags

Metal and plastic blank tags can be used as semi-permanent identification fixtures on equipment and inventory. These blank tags can be customized to fit a variety of needs, such as displaying critical information like ID numbers, pressure allowances, and manufacturing dates. Due to the durable nature of the materials used in these blank tags, they can be made to withstand corrosion, heat, sunlight, radiation, debris, dust, and wear.

  • Blank plastic tags: With thicknesses ranging from 0.0625–0.125 inches, blank plastic tags offer a durable, waterproof solution for a variety of industries. Depending on the plastic, blank plastic tags may be fabricated with resistances to abrasion, extreme temperatures, UV rays, and chemicals.
  • Blank metal tags: Unlike plastic tags, metal tags have the added benefit of being extremely durable, allowing you to create a permanent ID on your equipment that can’t be peeled off or wiped away. These tags can be made from a variety of metals.

Blank Labels

Labels are a crucial component of OSHA compliance, allowing workers to easily identify important safety information. They may also be used for barcodes, computer tags, and promotional materials. At Inland Products, we create industrial labels that can withstand corrosion, chemicals, weather, UV, and wear and tear. All of our labels also include 3M industrial-strength adhesives to help ensure they remain in place for years.

Custom Identification Products from Inland Products

Blank products like nameplates, tags, and labels can help your facility track, identify, and organize equipment to improve inventory visibility, enhance organization within your facility, and improve your overall workplace safety culture. Ordering blank products in bulk for ad-hoc customization gives you the freedom to rapidly tag new equipment and create custom safety labels without having to rely on expensive one-time customization for each product.

If you’re looking for industrial-grade blank tags, nameplates, or labels that can withstand harsh conditions and provide unparalleled aesthetic and customization capabilities, we can help. Inland Products uses a wide array of state-of-the-art equipment to produce high-quality blank products and customized blank products at discount rates.

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