Printed Aluminum Nameplates


Our nameplates are manufactured directly from raw materials at our facility, providing our customers with a quality product, at an economical price. We have decades of experience in the industrial nameplate field and can provide you with the perfect product for your application. Our Nameplates will provide high durability and visibility in situations where other temporary means of identification would fail. Military branches, Aerospace, Electrical, and Heavy Machinery industries all identify with Inland Products.

  • Protect personnel from injury by displaying safety information in extreme conditions
  • Protect your assets and prevent theft, tampering, and vandalism
  • Display vital information in environments that are subject to:
    • Extreme UV exposure
    • Salt Spray
    • Chemical Corrosion
    • Abrasion or Impact


All of our nameplates offer options for either pre-drilled holes, or industrial strength adhesives. Making installation easy and lightning fast.


Simply wipe your nameplates with soap and water using a non-abrasive cloth. The use of industrial strength solvents is also acceptable on all nameplates except plastic.

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