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Nameplates for Manufacturing & Industry

NameplatesIndustrial nameplates are often used in demanding industries to display critical information. Thus, you’ll find these plastic and metal plates on any variety of surfaces. More specifically, they display product names, equipment data, safety and health warnings, and other essential information.

The primary benefit of nameplates is to provide increased visibility of needed information, and durability in scenarios where other temporary means of identification would fail.

Common Applications

You find that nameplates are essential in most industry applications. Their benefits depend largely on their intended use. Safety labels, for example, protect employees and operators from harm. While in contrast, identification plates can promote a brand, rather than only helping with identification.

Some examples of sectors who frequently use nameplates are Military and Defense, Aerospace, Electrical, and Heavy Machinery Industries.

Military and Defense professionals require anodized aluminum, aluminum, and brass nameplates for a variety of purposes for instance. Critical data plates and identification plates they use provide safe working conditions near lethal weapons, for example.

Further, Aerospace Industry personnel use nameplates for identification purposes. One of the most frequent applications, for example, can be seen in aircraft placards which help ensure safety.

Additionally, Heavy Machinery organizations rely on similar identification plates, or use safety and data plates for other purposes. In comparison, the same can be said of the Electrical Industry’s applications.

You’ll find that experts in all these industries use nameplates to identify, track, and signal crucial information.

Customization Options

We at Inland Products offer you several choices to fully customize your nameplates to meet the unique needs of your applications. Read on to discover those options.

Metal vs. Plastic Nameplates

While metal nameplates often have a higher initial cost, they tend to be more economical than their plastic counterparts in the long term. Metal nameplates offer more durable and versatile options compared to plastic. In addition, a variety of processes can be used to mark metal, while plastic is less machinable. However, plastic nameplates are ideal if you’re working with indoor applications or when you require non-conductive plates in electrical applications.

We provide you with a selection of five materials you can use for your nameplates: stainless steel, aluminum, anodized aluminum, brass or plastic. Their features are as follows:

  • Aluminum nameplates: Aluminum is impact-resistant and an excellent electrical conductor.
  • Anodized aluminum nameplates: Anodized aluminum is ideal for applications that require more hardness and durability than what regular aluminum offers. Additionally, it’s available in twelve colors.
  • Stainless steel nameplates: Stainless steel offers exceptional corrosion and temperature resistance.
  • Brass nameplates: Brass provides resistance to several rough conditions, including heat, cold moisture, and certain chemicals. In addition, this material provides a decorative finish with its aesthetically pleasing golden color.
  • Plastic and Phenolic nameplates: Plastic and phenolic plastic is non-conductive, highly durable and available in high-contrast colors.

Further Customization

We provide further customization depending on your needs and preferences. Nameplates can be supplied with holes, industrial adhesive backing, or both, and can be provided either blank, engraved or printed.

You may require blank nameplates or partially blank nameplates allowing for sticker placement and/or your own in-house customization at a later date. These plates are ideal for bulk projects and applications where the requirements involve changing data.

Alternatively, when you require completely finished and useable nameplates upon delivery, we employ either engraving or printing techniques.  We achieve engraving by way of our laser-based processes, and printing using our sub-surface printing process. Notably, the latter seals your graphics and text beneath the anodized surface of the aluminum, additionally adding scratch-resistance and durability.

Get Started With Your Custom Nameplates From Inland Products

At Inland Products, we’re proud to offer our clients industry-leading nameplates for their individualized applications. Each nameplate is manufactured directly from raw materials in our facility. This allows us to control product quality and ensure you receive high-quality components at economical prices.

Our staff has decades of experience in the industrial nameplate field and can provide you with the perfect product for your application.
We pursue product designs that make your job easier. Because of this, each of our nameplates is available with either pre-drilled holes or industrial-strength adhesives. This makes installation quick and easy, and decreases the likelihood of improper use or damage during the process.

To care for your nameplates, simply wipe them with soap and water using a non-abrasive cloth.

If you’re interested in learning more about our customized nameplate offerings, contact us today or request a quote. Our knowledgeable and friendly team will assist you with any questions you may have. If you’d like to order online, please see this product on our ecommerce site at