Labels & Decals


Inland Products offers a complete line of aluminum labels and decals. Our full color printing process allows us to print inside of the aluminum, and then seal the metal shut, offering unparalleled durability, and maintaining a vibrant, visible image for years to come. Coupled with top of the line industrial strength adhesives from 3M, you can rest assured that your label will last the life of the application.

  • Protect personnel from injury by displaying safety information in extreme conditions
  • Protect your assets and prevent theft, tampering, and vandalism
  • Display vital information in environments that are subject to:
    • Extreme UV exposure
    • Salt Spray
    • Chemical Corrosion
    • Abrasion or Impact


All of our labels come with 3M industrial strength adhesives. Making installation easy and lightning fast.


Simply wipe your labels with soap and water using a non-abrasive cloth. The use of industrial strength solvents is also acceptable.

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