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Custom Labels & Decals

Customized aluminum labels and decals offer an affordable way for companies to abide by OSHA and government safety guidelines. These industrial metal labels are specifically designed for prolonged use in harsh environments, and can promote your brand and increase organization.

Color labels ensure employee safety in industrial settings. More specifically, if you work in an industry that uses heavy-duty equipment, medical devices, or other tools that require safety labels and instructions, aluminum labels let you clearly display safety rules and regulations. Further, these long lasting labels allow you to keep track of and identify your assets and inventory, creating a more efficient workplace.

Diverse Applications

The versatility of aluminum labels and decals makes them an excellent choice for a number of industrial needs. For instance, with high quality labels and decals, you can create:

  • Full-color logos to promote your brand
  • Barcodes for your products
  • Computer tags
  • Warning and caution labels
  • Decals for industrial scales or dials

Custom aluminum labels increase workplace safety and efficiency by allowing you to communicate with your employees about rules, hazards, and safety requirements. In fast-paced environments, a clear organization system ensures efficiency and lowers the risk of mistakes. Additionally, the ability to display high-quality labels in a variety of environments can promote your brand or products and help your company look professional.

Ability to Withstand Corrosion

Industrial labels are designed to last in harsh environments. To illustrate, they’re used on transportation equipment such as forklifts, boats, and trucks, and can be specifically designed to survive immersion in saltwater, repeated abrasions, and long term UV exposure. Furthermore, labels used on medical devices or in a medical environment are made to remain intact even after constant cleansing with powerful, abrasive cleansers.

Industrial Labels Designed to Last

If you need a custom aluminum label or decal, Inland Products will help. With our full color printing process, we can print and seal your design inside the aluminum of your decal, ensuring the labels remain vibrant and legible for years. Your label will always be paired with industrial strength adhesives to ensure it lasts.

No matter what shape or size you need, our experienced team will create a custom decal or label to fit your requirements. We can also fulfill orders of all sizes.

Inland Products offers a variety of products to fit your needs. We create fully customized barcode decals and aluminum labels that use anodized aluminum for longer lasting graphics. Our labels are also:

  • Weatherproof
  • Chemical resistant
  • Easy to apply
  • Powerfully durable enough to withstand prolonged UV exposure, saltwater, chemical corrosion, or repeated wear and tear

Whether you need labels to protect your assets, keep your employees safe, prevent vandalism, or promote your brand, Inland Products has an option for you.

Installation and Care

Installation of a custom metal label from Inland Products is quick and easy with our use of 3M industrial strength adhesives. To care for your labels and ensure their prolonged life, wipe them down periodically using a gentle cloth with soap and water. If your labels will be used in applications that necessitate industrial-strength cleansers and solvents, this is also an acceptable method of cleaning.

Request Your Custom Labels From Inland Products

No matter what sort of work your company does, clear signage is a key part of safety and success. Inland Products provides the custom color aluminum labels and decals you need to convey information, even in the harshest environments.

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