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Aluminum Tags

Aluminum Tags for Warehouses & Businesses

aluminum tagsRenowned for being a great substitute for steel or brass, aluminum tags are a wonderful choice for businesses in a wide range of industries. Inland Products offers a litany of aluminum tag options in colored anodized aluminum. Choose them engraved by us, or as blank aluminum tags for your own stamping and engraving needs.

We have over 75 years of experience providing our customers with the metal tags they need. All our products are made domestically right here in the United States of America.

The Benefits of Aluminum Tags

Aluminum tags are quite lightweight, yet also durable. Our anodizing process to color our aluminum tags isn’t a surface treatment like painting, powder coating, or plating. In fact, it’s a subsurface treatment that deposits dye into the open pores of the aluminum. This is then followed by a process that seals those pores shut, trapping the dye under the surface of the metal. Thus, the surface of your tags is left with a hard transparent oxide layer. That layer makes the surface of our anodized aluminum tags more durable and very scratch resistant. Thus, extending the readability of your engraved tags over time, even in harsh conditions where the tag is subject to abrasion, severe weather conditions, or harsh chemicals.

Colored anodized aluminum tags are often used in warehouses and other businesses for inventory control. They can help quicken audit time. What’s more, since you can choose from twelve colors for color coding, it can be easy to gather information quickly for your auditing system.

Aluminum tags are also quite prevalent in industrial applications because aluminum labels help workers avoid mistakes and misuse. Further, you’ve likely even come across aluminum tags on trees or in gardens as dedications from deceased persons or from organizations. Put simply, there are a wide range of potential uses for aluminum tags.

We Can Provide You With a Fast Quote on Aluminum Tags!

Inland Products prides itself on providing our customers with the answers and solutions they need right away. As such, if you need to be quoted on your specific needs, we will provide you with a figure quickly, often within 5-10 minutes on our business days.

In addition, our creative team provides FREE mockups for graphics and text, and we work to provide our valued customers with rapid turnaround times on their aluminum tags.

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