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Brass Tags

Blank Brass TagsDo you want or need brass tags for your business? If so, Inland Products has the custom brass tag options you need! In addition to our offering of custom engraved brass tags (including sequentially numbered brass tags), we also offer blank brass tags for your own engraving or stamping needs. Regardless of what type you need, Inland Products will provide you with the reliable and appealing ones you want.

The Benefits of Custom Brass Tags

Brass is durable, sparkless and the most aesthetically pleasing of the metals we offer at Inland Products. We offer brass tags in a lacquer coated or brushed finish, when aesthetics are essential to your project. In contrast, we also offer them in a tumbled, polished finish for customers that don’t require a decorative look.

Brass metal tags are ideal for machines, machine parts, tools and other products. With engraved marking, you’re able to quickly locate and ascertain the information on an item, helping you save time while simultaneously being more efficient. What’s more, since brass does not produce a spark, these tags function well in environments where flammability is an issue.

Brass tags are durable, serving well in both indoor and outdoor harsh environments. And, they hold up well to high temperatures, withstanding up to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit.

Free Mockups, Fast Quotes, and Years of Experience

Our team at Inland Products can engrave whatever message and design you need on your brass tags. In fact, our creative team is readily available to provide you with a FREE digital mockup at your request! You’ll see how your graphics and text will be laid out on the tag shape you’ve chosen. So, you’ll know what to expect ahead of time!

In addition, we provide free, fast quotes, sometimes in as little as 5 to 10 minutes on our normal business days.

Inland Products has over 75 years experience serving customers and making custom metal tags, plates, and labels for tools, machines and a myriad of other uses. And, all our products are made here in the USA.

To learn more about our business or to request a free quote on brass tags, contact us today. Or, if you’re ready to order online, visit our ecommerce site at