Brass Tags

Do you want brass tags for your business? Do you wish you had engraved brass tags that were both durable and aesthetically pleasing? If so, Inland Products has the custom brass tag options you need! In addition, we also offer blank brass tags and numbered brass tags. Regardless of what type of brass tags you need, Inland Products will provide you with the reliable and appealing ones you want.

Custom Brass Metal Tags

Brass metal tags are ideal for machines, machine parts, tools and other products. With vibrant lettering, you can quickly tell which number you’re looking at, helping you save time while simultaneously being more efficient. What’s more, since brass does not produce a spark, brass tags function well in harsh interior and exterior environments, such as in the mining industry.

Our team can engrave whatever message design you need; in fact, our creative team is readily available to provide you with a FREE mockup! In addition, we provide free, nearly instant quotes, sometimes in as quick as 5 to 10 minutes time on a normal business day.

Inland Products has over 75 years experience in manufacturing metal and plastic tags. All our products are American made and our staff has over 50-plus years of making metal tags, including brass tags for tools, machines and myriad other uses. To learn more about our business or to request a free quote on brass tags, contact Inland Products.