Engraved Aluminum Tags

Inland Products offers a wide range of metal tags, including engraved aluminum tags. Aluminum tags are lightweight and serve as a great alternative to brass and other metal tags. What’s more, they’re great for stamping serial numbers or other relevant information on them.

The Benefits of Anodized Aluminum Tags

In addition, we provide businesses with anodized aluminum tags. So what does it mean to anodize aluminum? Put simply, it refers to a process that turns the aluminum into a surface that is resistant to corroding, is extra durable and allows for decorating. As such, anodized aluminum tags are less likely to rust, have better slip resistantance, supports dyeing if you’re looking for colorful tags and they provide a greater material for adhesives, making anodized aluminum tag a popular choice among our customers.

Our Creative Team Offers Free Mockups

Did you know our creative offers free mockups? That’s right; if you’re in the market for custom engraved aluminum tags, our skilled team will provide you a free mockup of what it will look like so you’ll know what you’re getting ahead of time!

Fast Quotes And Delivery

In addition, we provide our clients with rapid responses when they inquire for quotes. Sometimes it even takes just 5-10 minutes for us to provide our customers with a quote. Moreover, we work diligently to provide quick turnaround times on orders, so our customers will be delighted when they receive their engraved aluminum tags sooner than they expected. To obtain a free quote on custom engraved aluminum tags or anodized aluminum tags, contact Inland Products at your convenience.