Stainless Steel Tags

Stainless steel is a unique metal that is stain and corrosion resistant, hence its name. Fascinatingly, stainless steel can heal itself from contact that could harm it, such as chemicals. Accordingly, stainless steel is quite prevalent in industrial settings.

If you’re in the market for stainless steel tags, Inland Products is the place to turn to. We offer a wide range of selections, including stainless steel ID tags, blank stainless steel tags and engraved stainless steel tags. What’s more, we can even provide your business with stainless steel tags in bulk; we can give you a nearly instant quote if you’d like to see what bulk pricing would cost!

The Advantages of Stainless Steel Tags

Stainless steel tags are eye catching and visually appealing, making it easy for people to see your tags and see the messaging or information on them. In addition, stainless steel tags are extremely durable, and since stainless steel is such a tough metal, they are slip resistant.

Stainless steel tags can help businesses with branding, especially when you have them engraved. Please note, our creative team provides our customers with FREE mockups, so you can see what the best look will be for your message or design.

Our company always puts the customer first and we have over 75 years of experience in the industry. In addition to providing free rapid quotes and mock ups, we’re also known for our ultra-quick turnaround times. When you order from us, it won’t take long at all for our American made stainless steel tags to arrive. If you have any questions or need help selecting the right stainless steel tags for your needs, contact us today.